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A full-service, annual membership privacy consulting and seal program for websites, mobile apps, and internet-connected products.

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The Privacy Certified Seal demonstrates members’ voluntary compliance with our rigorous program requirements.

For online services directed to children, the Privacy Certified Kids Seal demonstrates members’ compliance with our FTC-approved COPPA Safe Harbor program.

The Privacy Certified Mobile Seal demonstrates members’ commitment to complying with mobile privacy standards and best practices.

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Our independent, third-party review and certification of members’ privacy practices help protect brand reputation and enhance consumer trust.

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The ICO’s Age Appropriate Design Code: Best Interests of a Child and Age-appropriate Design

The draft Age Appropriate Design: A Code of Practice for Online Services (Code) published by the UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) is comprised of 16 “standards,” two of which will be addressed in this post. Standard 1 is the foundation of the Code.? It would require providers to make the “best interests” of the child […]

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