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ESRB Privacy Certified Member Services

ESRB Privacy Certified helps companies maintain compliance with the growing complexity of online and mobile privacy protection laws in the United States and beyond. Our ultimate goal is to help members achieve business objectives and protect their brands by helping them to develop and maintain the most effective privacy-compliant practices.

Online Privacy Compliance Seal ESRB

Our focus on protecting consumer privacy is consistent with ESRB's mission to help interactive entertainment companies conduct business responsibly while assuring consumers, especially parents, that their personal data is collected and managed appropriately. This is accomplished via a member's display of the ESRB Privacy Certified seal, which evokes the trusted and familiar ESRB rating system for video games.

Features & Benefits

  • COPPA & EU-U.S. Privacy Shield Framework
    ESRB Privacy Certified is sanctioned by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) as an authorized Safe Harbor under the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), an endorsement that helps shield members from potential sanctions and fines. We also help members to secure certification under the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield Framework through protocols administered by the U.S. Department of Commerce.

  • Identity Verification Services
    In exclusive partnership with Veratad Technologies, members can access identity and/or age verification authentication solutions at special discounted rates. Such services can be used when obtaining parental consent under COPPA and to reduce the risk of fraud or theft of service.

  • Individualized Consulting
    Following an expert assessment of a member's website or mobile app, we identify what the privacy policy should include and remain available for ongoing consultation.

  • Monitoring and Reporting
    We monitor and spot-check member websites and apps and provide regular reports, which helps ensure continued compliance with privacy laws and best practices.

Privacy Certified Seals

Online Privacy Compliance Seal ESRB

The “ESRB Privacy Certified” seal signifies that a general audience website complies with applicable privacy laws and best practices related to the online collection and use of personal information.

Kids Online Privacy Compliance Seal ESRB

The “ESRB Privacy Certified for Kids” seal signifies that a child-directed website or app complies with applicable laws and requirements such as COPPA.

Mobile Privacy Compliance Seal ESRB

The “ESRB Privacy Certified for Mobile” seal signifies that a mobile app complies with mobile privacy standards and best practices.

ESRB Privacy Certified supports over 2,000 member websites and apps. Those that meet the program's requirements may display one of the above seals. To verify membership, they will also post a “Click to Confirm” badge on their Privacy Policy page, which certifies that the company is a member of the ESRB Privacy Certified program in good standing.

Click to Confirm Privacy Compliance Badge ESRB

To receive a free initial member assessment, please sign up here. To request more information about the program you can send us an e-mail at