Where to Find Ratings

ESRB ratings are assigned to games across a wide variety of devices including consoles, smartphones, tablets, computers, and VR headsets. Ratings are displayed in-store on physical game packages, wherever games and apps can be downloaded, in advertisements, in social media and on websites where games are reviewed.

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ESRB appreciates the support of the following companies that display ratings on all games in their stores or websites helping parents choose which are appropriate for their children and family.

ESRB Advertising Review Council

The ESRB Advertising Review Council (ARC) ensures that parents and consumers are informed of rating information prior to purchase and that game publishers responsibly market their product. The ARC staff diligently monitors game packaging, digital storefronts, and game advertising in TV, social, online and print for compliance with industry adopted marketing guidelines for physical video games. Non-compliance with those guidelines may be subject to an enforcement action by the ESRB. While digital games and apps are not subject to the same requirements, ESRB encourages use of the assigned rating information wherever these products are available and in all advertising materials.

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