Family Discussion Guide

Staying involved is the best way for you to understand the games your children are playing. Here are a few questions for you and your kids to get the conversation started.

  • What are their favorite games, and why?
  • Which games are on your children’s wish list(s)?
  • Which Rating Categories are OK for your children to play, which ones require permission, and which are off-limits? Don’t forget to give them your reasons, too!
  • Are there specific types of content or Content Descriptors that are off limits?
  • Do any of the games your children play include online multiplayer features? If so:
    • Do they need?permission before playing online?
    • Are there rules regarding with whom your children can play online?
    • Have your children ever seen or heard inappropriate behavior from other players?
    • Do your children know what to do and whom to contact, if they’re being bullied or harassed online? (If not, check here.)
    • Do your children know to never give out personal information online?
  • Have you set parental controls on your family’s video game system(s), mobile device(s), and computer(s)? If so:
    • What’s the highest rating allowed?
    • Have you set restrictions on in-game purchases, time spent playing, internet and browser access, or with whom your children can play online?
  • Do you and your children understand what (if any) personal information will be collected in the game, why it’s being collected, and with whom it’s shared? (If not, check the game’s privacy policy.)
  • Are there other house rules regarding which games are allowed, when, and how long they can be played (like number of hours each day, only after homework and chores, etc.)?
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